CCI can supply a huge variety of products from reliable suppliers worldwide according to most international standards specification.

Seamless Pipes -Welded Pipes and ERW Pipes - Longitudinally Welded SAW  - Spiral Welded    - Electric Resistance Welded (ERW)   -Seamless

Buttweld Fitting - Socket Weld Fitting -Threaded Fitting

TYPE: Gate Valve - Globe Valve- Ball Valve - Plug Valve - Butterfly Valve - Check Valve - Bellows sealed Valve - Pressure seal Valve - Breather Valve - ORBIT Valve - ARV or ARC Valve -Pressure Relief Valve -Rupture Disks - Control Valve

RATINGS: 150 | 300 | 600 | 900 | 1500 | 2500


Welding Neck Flange - Slip On Flange -Socket Weld Flange -Lap Joint Flange -Threaded Flange -Blind Flange - Welding Neck Flange -Slip On Flange -Socket Weld  Flange - Lap Joint Flange - Threaded Flange -Blind Flange 

Spiral Wound Gaskets- Non-Metallic Gasket - Grooved Gasket (Camprofile)-
Metal-Jacketed Gasket and RTJ type R gasket

Stainless Steel- Carbon Steel – Nickel Alloy Sheets and plates


Pressure transmitters -Level transmitters- Temperature transmitters- Flow transmitters- Limit switches- Ultrasonic low transmitters- Gauges- Rotameters- Control Systems


  • Pumps

All Kinds of Positive displacing pump and centrifugal pumps including Rotary lobe pump- Progressive cavity pump - Rotary gear pump - Piston pump - Diaphragm pump -Screw pump -Gear pump- Hydraulic pump -Rotary vane pump -Peristaltic pump -Rope pump -Flexible impeller pump


Centrifugal single-shaft compressors-  Centrifugal horizontally split compressors-  Conventional vertically split gas compressors-  Horizontal opposed compressors-  High speed oil-free compression system-  Oil-free vertical compressors-  Integrally geared compressors-  Isothermal compressors-  Axial-Flow compressors-  Reciprocating gas compressors-  Process reciprocating compressors-  Screw compressors-  Turbo expanders

Extraction condensing turbines & Backpressure turbines

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