Laboratory services

CCI has firm alliance with well-known international service provider and lab equipment manufacturer of oil and gas upstream. CCI is capable to provide required lab equipment and also can arrange requested lab tests by industries in Oman.

Oil and Gas Laboratory Services:

  • Routine Core Analysis
  • Special Core Analysis
  • PVT Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis

Laboratory Equipment:

  • Core Plugging Machine
  • Core Cutting Machine
  • Soxhelet Core cleaner
  • CO2-Solvent Core Cleaning Apparatus
  • Dean-Stark Extractor
  • Manual Core Saturator
  • Gasometer
  • Electrical properties apparatus
  • Gas Permeameter
  • Helium Porosimeter
  • Liquid Permeameter
  • Hi pressure Shipping bottle for oil and gas sampling
  • Core Flooding Apparatus
  • Core Acidizing Apparatus
  • Asphaltene particle size analyzer
  • Wettability Alteration Cell
  • Recombination Cell
  • PVT setup
  • HP-HT Viscometer
  • Gas-Oil Ratio Measurement
  • Relative permeability apparatus
  • Pendant drop contact angle and IFT measurement
  • Spinning drop IFT meter
  • High pressure single/dual pumps

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